501c3 Not-for Profit

writingIn 2002, SSCS became a not-for-profit 501c3. At that time our primary goal was to offer health insurance to our hardworking teachers and create a scholarship fund. We are proud to say that we have met and exceeded both goals. The WB Collins Early Learning Board consists of approximately 15 members and meets quarterly. Committees include fundraising, facilities maintenance, financial, database, alumni, grants and membership. New members are elected at our January board meeting. If you are interested in being part of the board, speak to the administration team or board president for more details.

In order to meet our annual fundraising goals, we have on-going fundraising events and efforts. Led by the fundraising committee, current families and our extended community fundraise to meet our budget requirements (which includes health insurance), to maintain the buildings and grounds, and to support our teachers’ professional growth and development. Yearly events include, but are not limited to, several adult-only mixers hosted by current or alumni families, a silent auction gala, fall family festival, and t-shirt, tote and water bottle sales. We also gratefully accept direct donations.


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Board of Directors

Katie Patt, President
Angela D’Aquisto, Vice President
Keegan Gallagher, Secretary
Brian Jefferson
Caroline Cummings
Crissi Blake
Christina Sanchez
Emily Areinoff
Erica Bennett
Ian Milliken
Jeri Goldblatt
Jenny Douglas
J.D. Gibbs
Kate Price
Marcela Esquer
Peggy Sterner
Rana McGoldrick
Randy Downer
Shannon Heusberger